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Thanksgiving turned out to be such a beautiful fall day! Here’s a few photos from our family Thanksgiving. Not everything was documented as it’s nice to put down the camera sometimes and just enjoy the moment with everyone else, but here’s some highlights:

What? Your family doesn’t watch Star Wars on Thanksgiving?? 😛

K-Pan on mashed potato duty. Fantastic pose Mom, but we all know that’s not what you REEEEALLY look like when stirring!! 

Here’s Amy impersonating Mom’s stirring face, haha… Love ya Mommmm 🙂

And there he (she?) is!!! It was a free range, organic Turkey and the best Turkey we’ve had in at least 5 years if not EVER. So good. 

The turkey chef, Mr. Dixon, on carving Duty (also, Riley’s new best friend).

Here’s Riley’s food stance, haha… riiight beside Steve’s feet. She stands there like that watching the floor so intently, just waiting for any potential food droppings. As soon as something hits the ground its a race to see who can get it first.

And here’s the little lady Mischa playing around in a Ducky costume 🙂 If you remember, Jack wore this same outfit about 2 years ago now. Time flies!

Isn’s she the cutest thanksgiving Ducky you’ve ever seeeeeen?? hehe…

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Tiffany Hendrickson - What a fantastic documentation of what looks to be a really fun holiday! I love the shot of the white board timeline! Great work!

jessica - I love the documentary style of your Thanksgiving post and the expressions of the people!

Sandy - What a wonderful Thanksgiving you must have had, your images are gorgeous!

rachael - great tday pics!

Kayla - These are lovely! Looks like a very happy day filled with family and fun, and that Turkey looks AMAZING. Mmm! But I can’t help but ask, did I miss Thanksgiving somehow?! Haha

Rena - thanks Kayla 🙂 Canada’s Thanksgiving is the second Monday in October. Works for me! Sometimes it lands on my birthday so I get cake AND pie 😉

mary - love these caputures! My coworker was in Canada for thanksgiving and i was so jealous!

Donna - These are wonderful Rena! I love how you have documented all these special moments
in the preparation of Thanksgiving. And yes, that is the cutest ducky I’ve ever seen!
Great work!

Wendy - Quack, Quack! Those are so cute!

Brittany Fantuz - I love the duck photos and I have to say, that turkey is making me hungry.

Jackie - These are so much fun and that last one definitely put a huge smile on my face!

Reena - First off: Love your name! 🙂 Secondly Happy Thanksgiving! I love the photos. Looks like you had a fantastic day. The turkey looks yummy and yep! that is THE cutest ducky.

Kerri - These are wonderful images-thanks for sharing!

AshleyS - beautiful moments–love seeing all the details and smiling faces!

Tavia - I love the clarity and bright, open light in all of these. Just beautiful!

Marissa - What a fun day! That turkey looks delish! And that costume and those eyes – awesome. 🙂

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